As a Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach with over 30 years of education and experience, I provide personal, designed programs to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals and provide the motivation, support and accountability necessary to succeed. I specialize in weight management and weight loss programs, for individuals and small groups. My studio is in my home in Potomac Falls, Virginia and I serve clients in the Great Falls, Reston, Herndon, Potomac Falls, Ashburn, and Sterling areas.

35 Years of Fitness and Health with Millie Betts

It took having a baby to encourage me to take the leap from being a government contractor writing test packages for a major Dept. of Defense system to being what was then called an “aerobics coordinator” for a large, multi-purpose sports and fitness club in Northern Virginia.  I had been teaching aerobics classes in community centers and on a racquetball court in a small gym but now I was going to make it my full-time work. 

And so the journey began in 1982 and continues today.

Left photo- Assistant Director/Fitness Coordinator Denver Tech Sporting Club, 1984  Right photo- Today, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist running my own business since 2003

Left photo- Assistant Director/Fitness Coordinator Denver Tech Sporting Club, 1984

Right photo- Today, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist running my own business since 2003


Through the years I have managed group exercise programs for 4 different clubs, developed instructor certifications (there weren’t any at the time), taught fitness classes of all kinds, won “aerobics” competitions (“Denver’s Most Physical Female”, 1984 and Crystal Lite Mixed Pairs Aerobics Championship, Denver 1985), created and implemented weight management programs for several clubs, worked with a team to develop an internationally recognized Health Coach certification, created small group training programs, did sales and marketing for three large clubs, managed an elite club/spa and ultimately opened my own studio in 2006 where I continue to coach, teach, and train mostly women at this point to become their healthiest and fittest selves.


Along the way I have worked to keep my continuing education a priority, holding 6 nationally recognized certifications, several of them for more than 30 years. But the best way to learn something is to teach it so I put most of my energy into coaching and teaching so that I am continuing to get better as I share my education and experience with my clients.

Because I struggled with my weight from a very early age (first diet, age 13), helping people get to and maintain a healthy weight, healthfully, became both my personal and professional passion.   I continue to study and constantly explore what and how I can make the biggest difference in helping people to stop dieting and start living a healthier life. 


We live in an “obesogenic” culture.  It is not easy to live healthfully when the culture you live in continues to make being overweight or obese and unhealthy the “norm”.  Most people need guidance to sort through truth and mythology, support to encourage them to continue their efforts, accountability to help keep them on the path, and encouragement to let them know they’re not alone and that they can do it! 

My latest research has led to my two latest endeavors:  besides one on one and small group coaching, which have proven to be quite effective (see testimonials on my website for a few of my “successes”) I have started a YouTube video series, “Sexy over 60” to offer encouragement and advice through teaching my many years of education and experience to women “of a certain age” (that would be anyone over 35!).  Knowing that we can get “better” instead of “older” is a much healthier perspective….and it can be done!

Additionally, I have started the “My Monthly Reboot” series of spa-like monthly workshops to teach, train, support, hydrate, and fuel with hands on learning and experiencing….to provide a regular “stay in the game” strategy.  Getting started isn’t the problem.  Staying the course to change lifetime habits is the issue. 

This program insures that will happen.

So….. I stay the course to be the light at the end of the tunnel for so many that have tried and gotten discouraged to insure that they have a friend, teacher, and advocate to help them get to a maintain a better, stronger, and healthier self.

-Millie Betts, Health Coach & Weight Management Specialist